Why hire an outside consultant when many private label manufacturers already offer R&D services? Simple, conflict of interest.

An internal R&D department ultimately represents the interests of the manufacturer, not the client. It is their goal to not only design a product, but to ensure that you must manufacture that product at their facility. Often-times they will do this by maintaining ownership of the formula and the intellectual property.

Microformulation Cosmetic Manufacturing, LLC can:

  • Analyze your target Market and Identify sector leaders. This will assist in the Intellectual design of the Product and subsequently Marketing.
  • Formulate an affordable and effective Product. This product will utilize ISO certified materials which can easily be obtained by the Manufacturer.
  • Provide Natural and Organic Product Formulations adhering to both the Natural Products Association or USDA Standards. Can direct you to a Natural Products Manufacturer who can support small batch runs.
  • Source reputable Manufacturers for you in your Geographic area. This will ensure that your Logistics costs stay reasonable. Using a defined Vetting standard, we can qualify your Manufacturers reputation, Quality Assurance Programs, Credit and past performance. This will ensure that they can deliver.
  • Source out Specialized Testing, Marketing Consultants and Regulatory Experts.